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Bands Size

Did you know that when your breasts aren't sufficiently supported you can feel pain, discomfort, and even experience stretched out skin?

These things can all lead to breasts that sag and droop.

Our Anti-Sagging Sports Bra gives you the instant lift and support that your breasts need in order to keep them from sagging. The bra holds your breasts in an upright position while sitting seamlessly under your clothes.

Designed to be band-like with compression material, our bra holds your breasts tightly, yet comfortably, to the chest. Even if you are a plus-size woman, our bras will work for you.


  • Lifts and supports breasts as soon as you put it on
  • Helps encourage and maintain great back and shoulder posture
  • Breasts won't sag, therefore, you won't have wrinkled skin
  • No more bra bulges or bra lines
  • Very comfortable to wear, no wires
  • Made with breathable fabric, hollow design
  • Wicks moisture away from skin, no rashes from sweating


  • Material: Breathable Cotton
  • Color: Beige / Black / Gray
  • Size: M / L / XL

Package includes:

  • 1 pc. Anti-sagging Sports Bra