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Do you suffer from bad posture? if so, your health is at risk. Watching TV, gaming, or sitting at your desk while slouching can leave you feeling terrible.

Even athletes who are in the best of shape can deal with muscle imbalances and posture issues.

It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman, the Posture Corrector can help you! This back brace is made to fit your body comfortably and conform to all sizes and shapes. It's designed to firmly pull your shoulders back while getting rid of the rounding that is often associated with bad posture.

Basically, our Posture Corrector is great at encouraging athletes to maintain healthy back and neck alignment during sports as well as protecting against injury. Not an athlete? No problem! Our back brace is for you, too!

Why our posture corrector? Our back brace isn't a temporary solution. After prolonged use, the corrector encourages muscle memory to develop.

This means that your back and neck muscles will stay aligned even AFTER taking the brace off. Incredible! Unlike other brands, our brace is made from lightweight material that is breathable and comfortable to wear. No one will ever know that it is hiding under your clothes!


Question: Will the brace weaken my back muscles?

Answer: Nope! The Posture Corrector is made from high-quality material that is very stiff. It is designed to keep your posture locked into place in a healthy position. Our device is a tool that helps your weak muscles regain strength, resulting in correct body alignment. Over time, your muscles will be able to stay in good form, all on their own.

Question: Will the brace pinch my arms/shoulders?

Answer: Unless you are wearing the brace improperly, you'll never experience pinching or any discomfort. If you do, that means you are probably wearing the Posture Correctly too snugly and need to loosen up the straps. Now, it is important to know that if you slouch while wearing the brace, you will feel discomfort. It acts as a reminder to sit up straight and pull those shoulders back. Doing so will have you feeling comfortable, again.

Question: What size is right for me?

Answer: The brace is designed to fit everyone, both men and women. It is fitted with adjustable straps to meet your needs.

Question: How long can I wear it?

Answer: Consistency is key. Your muscles aren't going to remember the good posture encouraged by the brace in just one wearing. If you truly feel uncomfortable, take the brace off and give it another shot in a few hours. A lot of people wear the brace for 2-4 hours at once time and achieve success. We don;t recommend that you sleep in the brace.

Question: Can the brace be worn under clothing?

Answer: Yes! The Posture Corrector is sleek and discreet and can be worn under your shirt without being noticeable. However, for maximum benefits, we recommend that the brace be worn over the clothing.